Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in.

Thanks, Brooklyn. I wanted to walk home in 8 inches of snow. Just like I wanted to help that guy at the end of the street get his car out of the snowbank. NOT.

It snowed last night. A lot. As in, a foot of snow that caused New York City to give the lil’ tater tots a SNOW DAY. Normally I wouldn’t care so much, but I was working in Greenwich Village until 1am and had to make this venture using good ol’ PUBLIC TRANSIT instead of just watching the snowfall from my third story window. One thing that comes along with the white fluffy stuff in NYC is also the spectacular disappearance of every single cab on the streets. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to drive anyone home in an icy, snowy stew either, but then again, it’s not my job. The result is always the same: Having to take a late night train to Brooklyn, which will be overcrowded due to lack of cabs, and running slower than it already does during late nights (To all visitors: L Train service after midnight is SHIT. AVOID AT ALL COSTS kthanks).

A typical late night ride on the L Train

HOWEVER I was completely surprised by the L train last night — I got on at 6th ave after waiting only 3 or 4 minutes, and the train actually ran at full speed the entire trip. I made it home from LPR in about 40 minutes, which is only 10 minutes longer than my usual commute.

We’ll just ignore the fact that my street, my subway station (hell yes it snows on the inside), the sidewalks and stairs in my ‘hood hadn’t been plowed or scooped or salted in any way. I fell down more than once during my 2 block walk from the station to my apartment, and ended up having to jump over a huge bank, into the middle of the road where the ground was more level for walking. Snow-filled boots? NOTSOFUN. Thankfully it’s sunny today, so we can start to melt the mush away and be stuck with a soggy commute instead of a fluffy one. Blerg.


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